Marylanders for End-of-Life Options

At MDELO, we believe that all individuals at the end of life have a fundamental right to end their suffering when they are ready, in a setting they choose, and surrounded by family and loved ones. Our goal — our mission — is for there to be an option and a choice for all Marylanders.

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Our Mission

We support the passage of Maryland’s End-of-Life Option Act.

Modeled after similar laws in Oregon, ten other states, and the District of Columbia, Maryland’s End-of-Life Option Act (Richard E. Israel and Roger “Pip” Moyer Act) will, when enacted, allow for medical aid in dying (MAID). Under this process, mentally competent adults with a terminal illness and a prognosis of six months or less to live will have access to medication they must self-administer to end their suffering at the time of their choosing.

At the end of 2023, Medical Aid in Dying is legal by statute in the following jurisdictions:

      -California (2015)
      -Colorado (2016)
      -District of Columbia (2016)
      -Hawaii (2018)
      -Maine (2019)
      -New Jersey (2019)
      -New Mexico (2021)
      -Oregon (1994)
      -Vermont (2013)
      -Washington (2008)

Medical Aid in Dying is also legal in Montana, which does not currently have a statute safeguarding physician-assisted death. In 2009, Montana’s Supreme Court ruled that nothing in the state law prohibited a physician from honoring a terminally ill, mentally competent patient’s request by prescribing medication to hasten the patient’s death.

MDELO is entirely staffed with dedicated volunteers, who accept no compensation. In the past four years we used thousands of dollars of our personal assets along with contributions from other supporters to cover the costs of lobbyists, surveys, and telephone canvassing. To continue these efforts, as well as support more grassroots endeavors, we need additional resources. If you want to help us to make medical aid in dying a reality in Maryland, please click on the DONATE or CONTACT US button at the top of the screen to get involved. (Note that MDELO is a 501(c)(4) organization and contributions are NOT tax deductible.)


1/10/2024                                  General Assembly 2024 convenes

2/08/2024     1:00 pm               Senate Hearing for SB443 scheduled (Judicial Proceedings Committee)

2/26/2024     1:00 pm               House Hearing for HB403 scheduled (Health & Government Operations & Judiciary Committees)

4/08/2024                                   General Assembly 2024 scheduled adjournment “Sine Die