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Please tell your Senator you support death with dignity in Maryland, and that he or she should join you, the late Congressman Elijah Cummings, and Congressman Anthony Brown in supporting it too.

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The End-of-Life Option Act (SB701) has the same very strong protections used in other states and will protect patients and health care providers, as proven by 40+ years of experience.

Choice, Options, Compassion, Dignity

No one should be forced to suffer at the end of life. Help add Maryland to Oregon, 8 other states and DC that give residents the option to peacefully end their lives when suffering becomes too great. Click on TAKE ACTION NOW  to add your voice of support to give Marylanders this fundamental right. 

The End-of-Life Option Act (SB701) would allow terminally ill patients facing intolerable suffering a choice. Mentally competent adults with less than six months to live, as determined by two doctors following rules to protect patients, would be allowed to self-administer medication to die peacefully and gently, in whatever setting, and with whomever they choose to be present.

Please join the majority of Marylanders who want this end-of-life option by simply clicking on TAKE ACTION NOW to tell your State Senator to vote for the End-of-Life Option Act (SB701).


Surveys Show

66% of Marylanders support death with dignity, with similar majorities in all the major jurisdictions, as well as the Eastern Shore and Western Maryland.


Of Marylanders Support Death With Dignity

Strong Legal Protections


Patients Must: Be suffering from a terminal illness with less than 6 months to live


Patients Must: Have decision-making capacity and be mentally competent


Patients Must: Request medical aid in dying 3 times over at least 15 days, including once in writing


Patients Must: Have 2 doctors determine their mental competence and confirm they have a terminal illness and are likely to die within six months


Patients Must: Undergo evaluation by a psychiatrist or psychologist if mental capacity is in question


Patients Must: Meet with a doctor alone to ensure there is no coercion


Patients Must: Be informed about alternatives, including hospice and palliative care


Patients Must: Be able to take the medication themselves

No Patient or Health Care Provider is Required to Participate

including physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacists, etc.


Of Marylanders Support End-of-Life Option Act

Number of Doctors Who Must Determine Mental Competence and Terminal Illness

Months the Patient has Left to Live, or Less

Number Times a Patient Must Request Medical Aid in Dying Over at Least 15 Days, Including Once in Writing